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Participating companies:

  1. Frontier Diagnostics – Frontier is a leading provider of molecular diagnostics utilizing imaging mass spectrometry, a proprietary technology that can be used by anatomic pathologists to make more objective diagnostic decisions. Frontier is developing their first commercial assay, MelanoMap, for the diagnosis of melanoma. Frontier also provides assay development services and diagnostic trial management to diagnostic laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.
  2. NeuroDyne – NeuroDyne is a medical technology company with 20+ years of experience in neuromodulation that researches and develops new technology for the neurological device industry. They have developed a seizure monitoring device that can be worn at home and enables physicians to capture neurological data outside of hospital setting.
  3. Safe Stamp – SafeStamp implements advanced nanotechnology that helps consumers in emerging markets know that their medicine is authentic and defeat pharmaceutical counterfeiting.
  4. IQuity – IQuity is a life science technology company leveraging machine learning methods to deliver breakthrough RNA diagnostics and analytics. The company’s initial offerings include Isolate tests across neurology, gastroenterology and rheumatology that are based on proprietary algorithms capable of ‘ruling in’ or ‘ruling out’ specific autoimmune diseases.

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